The Hot African Ep8 Njambi McGrath talks to Four inspirational young men immigrants turned actors

Only this week, G4S were reported to be making vast profits for imprisoning immigrants in Britain, a country which champions it's human rights. The immigrant jails like Brook House and Yarwood prison for immigrants (not criminals) was condemned for the imprisonment of innocent people, many of who were abused and taunted leading to suicides. In a hostile post Brexit environment David Cameron condemned immigrants as 'swarms' and Katie Hopkins said she would dance around the dead bodies of immigrants. Yet many African migrants fleeing war fuelled by weapons sold to their countries mainly by Britain undertake perious journey many of them ending up in prisons in Libya, where Europe pays to contain migrants in abhorent prisons. They say you never know what you will find at the Edinburgh Fringe. I was fortunate to be joined by four inspirational young men whose stories of their journeys to Europe is not only gutwrenching but also aspirational and inspirational. Human beings are resilient and these boys are going places. They wrote a play called Dear Home Office, which they took to Edinburgh Festival highlighting the plight of immigrants and their mistreatment by the home office.

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